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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I suddenly turned 22.

The Short Summary of my 21st Year.

I went to a couple of bars, ate a chili-cheese dog, and decided my brother and I were two of the funniest people on Earth. I took my best friend to California to visit my oldest friend. I walked on stars, fought with transformers, and ate breakfast with Emily Vancamp. I moved out of the Zeta House for the last time. I returned to my summer home in Joplin, MO and hugged some of my favorite people for the first time in a long time. I met my second team – my family – and loved each of them in very different ways. I became reacquainted with a cute boy from the summer before, and sat with him outside of our hotel’s elevator, hanging on his every word, for hours. I decided to grow my hair out. I left on another journey with Christ in Youth, and rode in a van with ten people for sixteen hours. I spent time in Knoxville and Johnson City. I made cross-country best friends, and ate the best honey biscuit of my life. I teepeed a tree once a week in the name of forgiveness, and coward in fear as panda bears walked around me. I text too often. I was offered, and accepted a lot of support from people I had recently considered strangers. I went on walks with Kotowski and Kristin, and in a moment of out-of-character madness – I wrote a love letter. I came back to Muskogee for the fourth of July, and brought a full 12-passenger van along with me.  I didn’t sleep enough. I rode on an airplane next to three generations of the same family, and I wish I could still remember each of their names. I found my way to California once more, and travel to a new city every week for three. I played on multiple beaches, and worked harder than I ever have before. I ate a really great waffle sandwich. I fell in love. I found an old teammate a long way from both of our homes, and found myself rambling to him for the second summer in a row. I carried the weight of four different people’s emotions, and got stronger. I talked to a boy on the phone every night, and finished each conversation with the same thought – I can’t wait until August.  I loved God better than I have in a while. I made weekly four in the morning airport runs with Kotowski because she bribed me with good conversations and biscuits and gravy. I laughed until I cried. A lot. I just cried a lot, too. I completed a twenty-four hour cross-country drive with four of the most beautiful people on the planet. I slept a lot, drove more than I wanted too, ate more than I should have, and listened to way too much Dave Barnes. I returned to Joplin, and waited. And waited. I said a lot of exciting hellos, and tons of devastating goodbyes. I slept a lot. I kissed a boy on a playground after eight long weeks. I waved goodbye to my last college summer, and my summer loves. I didn’t go to Waffle House, but I took a boy home.  We went to my last Bid Day – and the era of college felt over. I moved in with my best friend for one more year of girliness. I studied a lot. I waited a lot more. I went to Nashville, Bowling Green, and Indianapolis all in one weekend. I survived a 24 credit hour semester, and counted the minutes until Christmas. I slept too much. I got an A in a class that I thought I failed. I finished my last semester on Oklahoma State’s Campus, and celebrated a Christmas that contained an air of change. I finally found my way to Florida. I met a beautiful family that looked a lot like my best friend, talked a lot about the future, and visited the most magical place on Earth. I walked around Disney World until my feet bled, tried to take it all in, and vowed to come back. Soon. I started my new year on a beach next to the coolest person that I know. I ate a great Elvis Popsicle, and walked around the oldest city in America. I started my last semester of college, and found my way into a 9th grade classroom. I moved Jordan to Oklahoma. I turned 22 in a Saturday day class, and split 3 large entrees at a new favorite restaurant. I went to sleep singing God’s praises, and thanking him for a job well done. My 21st year was the very best yet. 

What else did I do this year?
Missed you. 

- M

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