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Friday, December 6, 2013

Feeling Muchier

Morgs McGorgs, 

I don’t know if it’s the coffee or TGIF, but today I’m full of energy. It could be the Spirit, reminding me of the things and qualities about life that I am in love with. It could be rejuvenation, after months of up and down confusion – including this summer – I’m feeling confident in the future again. It could be the delicious salad I just ate for lunch. It could be the 3 seasons of Parks and Recreation that I've watched this week, with the crucial Ben/Leslie love story being played out in the episodes I watched last night. It could be overwhelming love pouring out after the time I spent with Jesus this morning. I don’t know what it is, but today is a great and beautiful day. I even asked my co-workers if they would want to have a dance party with me. (They declined) Days like today, when I feel my fullest and most me, I’m reminded of my muchness.

There’s something about Alice in Wonderland that I have always loved. When Tim Burton made the newest version, I fell even more in love. He challenges my imagination, which is pretty hard because that sucker is constantly surprising to me, and it’s in my own head. Sometimes, we lose sight of our muchness, like Alice does before she falls back to Underland. We all have a Hatter who reminds us to be muchier when this happens. The Holy Spirit is pretty good at this in general, I try to start with a shout out to Him if this happens, but I have the privilege of sharing life with women like you. Morgs, when I think about our summer, you let me have my muchness and be my most full self. That is a true blessing.

To-Do lists for Maverick will come, but today, I want to live in the presence of this happiness. Today I want to fall in love with romance again, laugh my butt off with people I have nothing in common with, rock my crazy frizzy hair and give praise to the One who brings me joy. 

- Court

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