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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Murder of Romance


Muchness. I like it. I like you for sending some of your contagious muchness to me. I needed it.

It's been a long semester. Ten years long, maybe, and suddenly it's over and I feel as though I might have just ran a marathon in which the finish line sent you right over the edge of a cliff. I am free falling, but I can't seem to make myself mind. I have accomplished a lot this semester, and maybe (just maybe) I might just give myself a few days to be proud. You can be proud of yourself, right?

I miss you today. Sometimes it would just be so nice to just be silly with you. The best part of being silly with you is that you are so very intentional about it. It is hard to pull off intentional silliness, but I enjoy it.

I spent some time today discussing the idea of "talking" with a few friends. I also read an article about it and was intrigued. If you haven't - read the article. You will appreciate it, no matter what your opinion is. Here is the link - http://cbmw.org/men/manhood/were-just-talking/.

I can't help but wonder if our generation has officially murdered romance. With "talking", social media, and the "I can do it myself" mentality of women (AND men) has our generation managed to raise adults who don't know how to talk, care, and appreciate the community of a loving relationship? I fear that it is too late, and the worst is upon us.

But, then...then... this.

This video is my favorite wedding video. But, look past the wedding and the cute song (though, I love it and you will too) and get to his face. His face says it all. Romance, not a wedding, at it's very finest. It kills me every time.

The Cutest Wedding Video Ever That May or May Not Involve Strangers.

So much love to you, sweet friend.


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