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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wow, It's Christmas!!


I’m so proud of you for trucking through. You made it and you are better for it. That video is easily one of the best wedding videos you have shared with me. You will make such a video when you wed the one true Jordan Stancil, correct? I want to revel in the perfection of your covenant day after day.

Today is day four of my Red/Green wardrobe challenge. I’m going to tell you something and you may not love it. I was not excited about Christmas. As of Monday, I was not looking forward to this holiday. I think it might have to do with the 6 days instead of 24 days I have for a break this year. #Worklife I did not feel right about this, so I had a few conversations about my general apathy for the coming Christmas. Then, one of my friends told me that I could probably relate to the anticipation of Christ’s birth better now than ever before. You see, I’ve been really antsy about getting married. Have we talked about this…oh I think we have. By her thoughts, I should be able to understand the deep anticipation that accompanied Jesus’ birth because I am anticipating the creation of my marriage. She’s smart right? So I decided, I’m going to stop being a butthead about this beautiful holiday and really give it all I’ve got right now.

And, today is day four of my Red/Green wardrobe challenge. I’ve worn something in the holiday color hue every day and I feel like I’m actually joining in the cheer. Last night we celebrated at my college ministry and it was just so stinking fun. I don’t have any pictures to share at this current moment, although we took a really great one of the host team. I’ll add it when it appears via the book of faces. Anyway, I think it was the spark I needed to get excited about Christmas. In coordination with the fourth day of the Red/Green WC, I’m listening to some Christmas tunes and planning what Red/Green items I will take with me to Ohio tomorrow. I will be continuing this until Christmas Day. Would you care to join me?

In the spirit of Christmas, I give you this video: Dear Sweet Jesus, let me have a family like this. 

Here is said Holiday photo with my team!

Many a Holiday Cheer to you!


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