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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Christmas Playlist


It's funny, but I kind of recall that one of our first real conversations was based upon family, and how a person's family affects holidays. I say "real", because we have had a lot of dumb conversation that lacked substance (and gosh, did I love them!) and then we had "real" ones in which I walked away with something to reflect upon. Now, I don't think the conversation in question was completely based on holiday/families, but the point was made that I love holidays and you were a little iffy about them. Maybe this was the "I am going to Paris for Thanksgiving" conversation. I don't know. That's not the point. The point it - you are a little off kilter when it comes to Holidays (this may be due to the small side of you that does tend to over think) and I am the girl that celebrates Arbor Day. Ya know, to each their own. Or whatever that phrase is.

I'm glad, then, that you are headed in my direction of the world these days. I love your new outlook, as well. In my teaching classes we spent a lot of time discussing how best to teach students to read, and how to best assist them in connecting with the text. One of the best and easiest methods is to help them make connections to their own, personal lives. If you are reading something and you can connect the moments, emotions, and reactions to something that you already understand to some degree you will not only remember it better later on, you will connect with it on a more intimate basis. This is the same in almost all areas of life. Make connections. Build on past memories and past knowledge. Understanding is so much deeper when the emotions become personalized. I love it.

In regards to your request, I must decline. I hate to appear un-festive but I must admit to something that has long annoyed my friends and that has brought my mother great sadness - I think I only wear grey. My closet looks very grey, at least. No matter what, at least, I do know that I do not have anything that is that red or green. I actually might have one red dress and one green dress. I have really dropped the ball in this department, and hope that next year I will do better. New Year's Resolution, perhaps?

Since I cannot join you in that manner of celebration, I will do something else. I listen to Christmas music all year long. All. Year. I know, I know. I am one of those people. However, essentially, I create a play list on Thanksgiving and listen more openly at that point. Among the numerous songs that I listen to during the holiday season, I have quite a diverse mix. Personally, I love them all dearly. That being said, there are five specific ones that I get a lot of teasing over. I am now going to make a case for these specific songs, and hopefully spread the love. Or, you know, ramble about some Christmas songs.

1. Last Christmas
Last Christmas is a little '80s jingle by a British band called Wham!. The version I have linked for you is from the television show Glee because it is the version I like the most. However, everyone and their mom has recorded this song at some point, so it can probably be found in whatever genre fits your taste. This song is romantic/Hallmark/lifetime gold. It gets stuck in your head, and if you are single (or, suffering from a recent break up) you will think it is about you. Even if the lyrics do not apply at all, you will still think that. Don't let the sophisticated song listener tell you that this song is stupid, because it is not. It's beautiful. Heartbreak, redemption, and Christmas. Does it get better? Also, watch the video. I don't watch Glee anymore, but this clip rocks anyway. Rachel just loves Finn, okay?

2.  Baby, it's cold outside.
This song is a little mischievous, and maybe a little questionable. Every year I play it, and someone gets on a soapbox about how creepy this song is. I get it - he's all "baby, stay here and I'll keep you warm, *wink* *wink*" and she's all "no, like seriously I have to go, creepy mccreeperson. Okay, fine, I will stay for one more drink (of cocoa) but you keep your filthy paws off of me." It's a little awkward, but props to the guy soloist for actively pursuing the girl he likes. Right? Right?! Okay, that might be a stretch, but regardless this song has always sounded more flirty than stalky to me and thus I still love it. Who doesn't sort of dream of singing this song in a weird "I Love Lucy" inspired moment in your living room with the man you love? Well, I have. And apparently a number of artist have as well, seeing as this song has been recorded by a handful. The version I have linked for you is Natalie Cole and James Taylor, and has been my jam since I was five. No kidding. The video shows pictures of creepy couples. Best to be avoided.

3.  All I Want for Christmas is Youoooouuu, bay-bay.
Despite many denials, there is not a person on this planet that has not sang this song in their underwear with a fake microphone. Not. A. Single. Person. I did it as a child when I was convinced that I could sing like Mariah, and I do it now and cross it off as the day's workout. And don't get me started on some people. Replace "you" with "baby Jesus" if it makes you feel better. That was sassy, but merry x-mas, ya know? Honestly, anytime you are down during the holidays you should sing this. It's like eating cotton candy before hitting up the tilt-o-whirl. Perfection.

4. Santa Baby (Santa, My Sugar Daddy)
This is a weird one, and I get that. Totally. What's funny about it, to me, is that it was first recorded in the 1950s by a woman named Eartha Kitt. This is funny for two reasons - 1. This questionable song was written in the 1950s? What? I thought every woman during that time lived in a stove and only ever wore hoopskirts with aprons. Who knew that they were so very demanding. 2. I always read this lady's name as Earth Kitty. It makes me laugh. Otherwise, it's a super awkward song. But, like almost every song on this list, you have sang it before and you have liked it. You have even mocked her voice. The only question I have is - what the heck is a sable?

5. Breath of Heaven
It's dramatic and beautiful and perfect. I usually make bird hand motions with my hands when the chorus comes on, but it does not mean I love it any less. People tease it despite it's perfection, but I consider those people to be major dummies. Watch this video from the film The Nativity Story, cry your eyes out, and then go and sing All I Want for Christmas is You. All better.

These are my top five most questioned songs. They might be my most questioned because they are also my most played. Whatever, haters. That's what I say.

All in all, listen to music or wear colored pants. Do you, you know? And love Christmas, everyday of it. Everything about it. Love the cheesy music and the sugar filled food. Love your family (even the difficult ones) and love your friends. Most of all, love Jesus. Most of all.

I love you.
May your days be merry and bright.


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